Intercontinental Fujairah Resort

Nested between the rugged Hajjar Mountains and the sandy Gulf of Oman coastline, the design of the Intercontinental Fujairah Resort is an oasis of sorts, creating a welcoming and relaxing respite.  The architecture is modern and fresh, allusive to the heritage of the area without being a pastiche of it. The sea facing facade is sheltered from the strong Middle Eastern sun by recessed balconies and a set of 2 vertical screens per room bay. This project was developed in collaboration with K/M2K Architects.

Barcelona Balmes Secondary School

New building to accommodate a secondary school. The basement includes office and storage space while the ground and first floors boast 8 daylit classrooms, lab and library. On the roof and on the ground floor there are ample playgrounds for the students. This project was developed in collaboration with Asensi Arquitectes.

Creative workshop Hotel

The client’s brief was clear: a small hotel with minimum impact on the site to host a creative crowd over the weekends. We had to be very little disruptive given the rural nature of the site. The existing main house and the new building were to be independent and not connected visually so we opted for a half buried building at a lower level with a green roof. The rooms would all open to the same side to allow more privacy to the main house where the client spends the weekends.